Allotey Jacobs
Allotey Jacobs

I recently did an article on the threat the government is taking the country through for abandoning projects started by the previous government, especially the government health facilities. There are governments uncompleted and abandoned hospitals are scattered all over the country whiles we are struggling to provide enough quality health that these facilities if completed could have been providing.

So it is one thing for the New Patriotic Party government to abandon these facilities in the name of politics and another thing for grownups like Allotey Jacobs, a former Central Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress to say that the New Patriotic Party is busily commissioning projects executed by the former president as I read on How can Alottey Jacobs, as old as he is made such statement while the citizens of this country are praying that government put aside politics and work towards the development of this country and one way to do is through supporting one national agenda and focusing on a sustainable development.


“NPP should accept that NDC did a lot before they (NPP) came to power. Today, when they go on tours, they uproot plagues positioned on structures and then replace them with their plagues with chisel and hammer,” Allotey Jacobs alleged. It is really sad when you see people who pose to be matured but in reality, are problems for this country.

To begin with, did the New Democratic Congress and the Mahama led administration use their pocket monies to commission any project in Ghana? Was it not the tax payers’ money? So for a person in the capacity of a former regional chairman to say this without ignominy should tell us how old our leaders can be with grey hairs but may lack common sense. The worst part is, he might have worked in the interest of this country one way or the other or let say pretend to be working for the country.

This is one reason we see government abandoned projects all over the country, wasting the tax payers billions of cedis and at the end we are the same people who bear the upshots of their futile political interest.

It will be surprising to see that these are the same people who go around complaining and painting the government black for abandoning these projects, so it’s either they accuse you of not completing these projects or commissioning projects their party started as if they use their families’ wealth to execute these projects. All these are just attempts to satisfy a political party’s political ambitions without taking the interest of the populace into account.

This is why after over 60 years in independence, Ghana is still where it is because grey hairs like Alottey thinks governance is a family business and so must be run as such. For the record, people like Alottey are old revered people who we have trusted with the resources of this country. Instead of using the platforms given to them to promote national agenda and focus on developing this country together, they use the platforms to fight for their political parties as if their parties are the solutions the country’s needs.

It is time we the youth stop listening to and stop following hoary hairs like Allotey’s who go around making empty comments to distort the progress of this country. It is just time.


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