The Alliance of Religions? Peace Office embarked on its first successful meeting on March 21st 2015 at the Social Welfare Society in Thailand. Hosted by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), the event was attended by religious leaders from various faiths such as Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism engaging in an interfaith dialogue to achieve world peace.

03. Thailand_Full shot of attendees holdingpeace agreementThe main objective of this peace office meeting was to seek commonality to bring harmony by comparing each other?s religious scriptures. Under the theme of ?Peace spoken through the religious scriptures,? twelve religious representatives came together to discuss and propose an effective way toward peace.

The meeting started off with a video of the World Alliance of Religions? Peace (WARP) Summit held in September 2014 in Seoul, Republic of Korea which is widely acknowledged as an unprecedented historical event that successfully raised international awareness of cessation of war and achievement of world peace. Attended by over 2,000 global political and religious leaders as well as women and youth group leaders, and 200,000 HWPL members from all around the world, the summit engaged international community to prevent conflicts caused by religious misunderstandings and bring forth peace by taking active steps in understanding each religion.

Sathit Kumarn, Former President of the Hindu Samaj temple, Husni Hamad, President of Social Welfare Society and Educational Development Society, and Ajahn Visuddhananda who is a monk at Wat Puttha Pannya temple gave representative speeches emphasizing the importance of this gathering and working in unity. Mr. Kumarn said “All people are one family. Also, people have different skin colors, but our blood color is all the same. Why do we fight? God made us as the same human beings. Religious leaders should take right actions first to be able to educate their congregation members in a right way.?

President Hamad also spoke during the interview: “Through comparing the scriptures of various religions, we came to know that each religion has so many commonalities. Within and following the true purpose of religion, I believe that we can become one by deepening our understanding and discovering the common foundation.? The leaders were inspired by the message of Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL that religious leaders have to advance their work by enlightening and mobilizing their communities and promoting harmonious societies by gaining deeper understandings of the standards of each religion through these Peace Dialogue sessions.

HWPL not only hosts meetings for religious leaders through the Alliance of Religions? Peace Office in various countries, but it also actively works toward enacting and executing an international law for the cessation of wars. It provides a neutral platform in which proactive religious leaders who live for peace can take steps in the peace-building process and positively influence their congregations.

The Alliance of Religions? Peace Office Meeting in Thailand gained much attention from the public providing a creative way to study the similarities and differences of various religious scriptures to bring peace to the country. The peace movement of HWPL will be continued and spread out to all regions in Thailand in the near future gearing up for stopping all conflicts and sustainable peace.


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