Network appliance certification commonly known as NCIE certification is very much in demand for making a smart successful career as network administrator in various IT firms. Today, more and more companies look for people who are NCIE certified and offer them lucrative career options as compared to normal engineering graduates. NCIE certification authenticates your suitability for managing Netapp technology in the firms, thus making you one of the very scarce yet valuable IT professional.

Types of NCIE Certification:

At level one or the professional level the candidate can appear for NCDA certification or the netapp certified data administrator.

People who appear for this certification possess requisite skills for in-depth support, administration and performance management of Netapp storage devices which run on ONTAP operating system or CIFS multiprotocol. These professionals have skills in implementation of active-active controller configuration as well as syncmirror for providing continuous availability of data or quick data recovery in case of accidental loss of data or any other data disaster. NCDA professionals help in protection of mission-critical data besides having an in-depth knowledge of Snap restore, snap vault ans snap mirror platforms.

People who posses NCDA or the professional level certification of data management and administration can move on to specialist level and obtain higher certifications also known as NCIE or net app certified implementation engineer, which can be of two types NCIE-SAN, NCIE-B&R.

NCIE-SAN indicates that the people who are certified with this certification possess required technical skills for understanding the requirements of the consumers in terms of storage besides possessing skills for implementation of fibre channel and isci system administration network solutions. The NCIE certified individuals are well versed in integrating various operating systems and systems such as Oracle, Microsoft server, Microsoft exchange and DB2. NCIE- B&R people are known to possess skills required for positioning solutions for recovery in disaster events, backup and recovery options.

Benefits of NCIE Certification

NCIE certifications have equal benefits for individuals, industry and organizations.

Organizations who hire NCIE certified professionals can be sure that their resources are in safe hands.

Industry can have benchmark for professionals in administration field so that the data security and administration takes place in a better manner.

For individuals who possess this certification it showcases their readiness to work in the IT environment, thereby improving and fuelling their career.

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