The FA HYƐ MU, NFA NTO FƆM project will be launched on Saturday, September 2, 2017 at the Madina New Road office of the Young Heart Foundation (YHF) in the LA Nkwantanang Madina Municipal Assembly (LaNMMA).

YHF is a civil society organisation devoted to improving sanitation, education and to helping vulnerable groups such as children, women and those facing poverty to achieve their full potential in life within a safe environment.

FA HYƐ MU, NFA NTO FƆM project seeks to create a structured waste collection process that involves providing special plastic collection bins in red, yellow and green colours to selected schools and bus stops in collaboration with the LA Nkwantanang Madina Municipal Assembly (LaNMMA). The project was born out of YHF’s commitment to support the campaign for a clean society through improved waste management systems. As part of the waste collection bins, YHF has employed a number of stewards and tricycle services to oversee the proper collection and management of the waste. The objective of the project is to improve sanitation in our cities.

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The project is sponsored by the Young Heart Foundation. The general public is therefore invited to support the project by donating waste collection bins to help maintain and extend the project to other districts in the country.