People's Democratic Party ( PDP)

All is not well within the Peoples? Democratic Party (PDP) as a Senator under the platform of the party on Wednesday alleged that ranking members of the party at the federal and state levels actively worked in tandem with the All Progressives Congress (APC) to ensure victory for president-elect Muhammadu Buhari over President Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP.

The Senator representing Nasarawa South Senatorial District in the senate, Senator Suleiman Adoke, made this allegation when he spoke to newsmen on Wednesday.

The PDP senator described the development as an ?institutional conspiracy? and that the high level of betrayal suffered by Jonathan was unprecedented.

He said all those who contested election on the ticket of PDP, on March 28, suffered the same fate with Jonathan.

Adoke also explained that the plot to ensure the defeat of the PDP was hatched and conceived by many including non-politicians hence no one complained about the issue of faulty card readers and other flaws recorded on the day of the election.

Adoke said, ?I maintain that there is a complete institutional conspiracy to shift the government from the PDP to the APC at all cost. Virtually everybody participated in this movement across the political parties.

?Infact ranking PDP stalwarts participated in this grand design to effect a change in governance. Even when the ordinary people knew the election was not fair, they looked the other way because everybody was united to make sure that PDP was out of government.

?That can happen in the life of any country where people had enough of a particular ruling party and desperately needed a change without minding how the change would come.

?In my own opinion, this is what happened in Nigeria. We just pray that it is for good.?

Adoke claimed that he was winning his election up to the midnight of Sunday, March 29, as most of the result of the polling units had been received and only waiting for the announcement which did not come until Monday evening.

He said the INEC Returning Officer merely announced the result at the collation centre and claimed that someone else was the winner.

?Let me say categorically that I lost the election due to the active collaboration of the PDP agents, that is what made it very sad.

?My best friends, who I appointed as my agent at the collation centres all sold out. Today they can not look at me in the face, some of them had even run away. It was a massive conspiracy to get me out of office.

?One of my friends is riding the car that I bought for my mother. His case is that of a betrayal that I will never forget in my life.The degree of conspiracy that I encountered was such that cannot adequately addressed by any court of law.?

The senator said his initial response was to leave everything to God but that a lot of people who voted for him, said the mandate was not his own but their own and that he had the duty to pursue their mandate for them.

He said, ?It is an institutional conspiracy but we are trusting that God who is above all institution, to vindicate us.


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