The conference of the national dialogue in Sudan, which is chaired by His Excellency President

Omar Al Bashir
Omar Al Bashir
, is scheduled to start in October this year.

The initiative which is first of its kind in Sudan will bring almost all Sudanese opposition

parties, rebel groups and movements to participate in the national dialogue. Fifty national

imminent persons will be expected to take part in the conference.

The all inclusive national dialogue which was muted by His Excellency President Al Bashir in

January 2014 is aimed at including all political parties and armed movements, in addition to civil

society groups, to chart roadmap to attain lasting peace, political stability, sustainable and

equitable economic development.

In keeping with the electoral mandate the President has been given last April, the Sudanese

government which is committed to the national dialogue said it will move forward to achieve the

desired goals according to the time frame as it is considered it as a main strategy of the state in

order to establish a final road map for the political future for the country.

The international community has expressed its support for the dialogue and all parties concerned

are contributing to creating the appropriate atmosphere to begin the inclusive national dialogue


It is worth noting that the mechanism in the roadmap which has named five facilitators including

the Former Presidents, Statesmen, academicians and Religious leaders has not change.

It also named several heads of committees including, Mohamed al-Amin Khalifa for the peace

committee, al-Tigani al-Tayeb for the economics committee, Omer Abdel-Ati for the

fundamental rights and freedoms committee, Ali Osman Mohamed Salih for the committee on

identity, Kamil Idris for the foreign relations committee and Barakat Musa al-Hawati for the

governance issues and implementation of the dialogue outcome.

In his speech at the General Assembly recently, the Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir

expressed readiness to declare a two-month ceasefire in Blue Nile, South Kordofan states and

Darfur region and renewed his offer of amnesty for the rebel who are willing to join the national



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