The Presidency Of Ghana
The Presidency Of Ghana

Whenever issues of this nature crop up and l hear and read the arguments that some people put up, the conclusion that one can draw is that of sheer hypocrisy.

I just don’t get it. How on earth can anybody criticise the government and for that matter the President for employing more people at the presidency. Ah!, ah!, ah!are we not the same people complaining day and night of unemployment?.

Even if it is true that the presidency has employed more than necessary, should it attract this kind of hype from the media? With the rate of unemployment figures available, will anybody basterdize the government for employing more?, Everyone is aware how difficult it has become to employ especially young graduates. So if the seat of the government can even absorb the whole of the unemployed graduates, is it not a positive relief?, Should we make noise over this and forget about double salary thievery?. Aaaba.

Sometimes l don’t know whether people just want to talk or they mean good for this country?. I become more shock when l hear the so called think-tanks jumping into the fray following baseless and bogus propaganda thrown out there by the NDC.

Putting policies in perspective, Will the NDC talk when the government decides to pay unemployed graduates every month?

I recommend the presidency for employing more of our unemployed graduates. If the NPP will employ 998 and pay 1.5 million and the NDCwill employ 896 and pay 6 million Cedis, who is managing the economy properly?.

Critics should note that Ghanaians are not interested in these cheap and whittle propaganda but are rather interested in the stewards that have used dubious means to steal our monies. This propaganda cant shift our attention from the NDC thievery and corruption.

The NDC was no innovative hence could not create a single policy that was meant to employ our youth yet they had over 800 employees at the presidency. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo brings out many policy interventions to deal with unemployment and employs 998 personnel and who says what?

We are satisfied with the progress made so far. So far so so good.


*Dr. A.PC’s Desk*


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