Alhaji Asuma Banda
Alhaji Asuma Banda Caged By Andani Royal Family

The Andani?Royal Family?in Dagbon, has ‘caged’ Alhaji Asuma Banda a business magnate, silencing him?for attacking former President Jerry John Rawlings for?calling on northerners to demand reinvestigation of the murder of Ya-Na Yakubu Andani II.

Alhaji Asuma Banda
Alhaji Asuma Banda

The Andani Youth in Tamale is convinced that Flt Lt?Rawlings?was right in asking the ruling National Democratic Congress, to re-open investigations into the murder of Ya-Na ?Andani in March 2002 and the late ?Northern Regional Chairman of Convention People?s Party- Alhaji Issah Mobilla.

In a statement issued by Alhaji Anas Abdulai; Chairman of Andani?Youth Association?in Tamale at the weekend they averred that, ?We therefore would like to advise Alhaji Asuma Banda to stop downplaying the Andani Royal Family?s resolve to find the killers of the Ya-Na,” and that it is never too late to seek justice in such?high profile?murders.

According to the statement, the Andani Royal family is ready to exert pressure on President John Dramani Mahama to find out those behind the murder of the overlord of Dagbon and 30 of his elders, as they?are completely shattered by what Alhaji Banda described as silent diplomacy initiated by government between Abudus and Andanis.

?The silent diplomacy Alhaji Banda spoke about means he has no indepth understanding of the problems of Dagbon since seating in the same plane and bus together by the two rival royal families should not be misconstrued as peace in Dagbon,? the statement said.

The Andani Royal Family, the statement said, is unaware of any silent diplomacy between the family and the Abudu Royal Family, be hold the bull by the horn and facilitate the much needed solutions to the Dagbon crisis than playing tricks with aggrieved victims.

The statement said although the proposed joint celebration of Damba at the Gbewaa Palace in Yendi between Andanis and Abudus?is encouraging dialogue between the feuding royal gates, it is not a solution to the vital necessity of finding the murderers of the Ya-Na.

?Nothing can stop us from seeking justice in a case in which innocent?family members?lost their lives unjustly particularly so when there is every indication that the murderers would come back again if they have another opportunity.

“It is only prudent for government to fish out the perpetrators of these crimes for punishment and stop the dissipation of state resources on the so-called silent diplomacy.?Fighting crime?and ending the culture of impunity is the surest way to ensure lasting peace in Dagbon,? it said.


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