Algeria on Saturday hailed the signing of the peace and reconciliation deal by Malian warrant parties in capital Bamako, dubbing it “historical” step ahead of restoring stability in this Western African nation. Mali
“This is a historical event as we have achieved what we have been aspiring for, as all Malian parties have come together and are committed to the peace and reconciliation agreement as part of the Algiers peace process,” Lamamra told reporters in Bamako.
The document is the outcome of several talks hosted in Algiers. It had already been signed in May in Bamako by the government and some rebel movements, but the Coordination of Azawad Movements (CMA), required to amend it before signing it.
Observers see the signing of the document by the CMA as as a crucial step on the way to establishing peace in the chaos ridden north of Mali.
Algeria played a central role in this UN-sponsored agreement, as it headed the mediation team and did a lot to conciliate the disputing parties through several peace talks in Algiers. Enditem



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