People Of Equal Thoughts & Spirit [P.O.E.T.S] once again are holding another ALEWA event?The fifth edition of ALEWA. The theme this time is LOVE.This next edition has been titled ?VERBAL INTERCOURSE,? to describe the emotion of love through words of poetry mainly in spoken word.

Though many people think the topic of love is a clich?, the organizers of ALEWA (the most prestigious poetry show in Ghana) are putting together a formidable team of performers to creatively debunk this notion about love in the modern times.

One of the main things to watch out for is the formula derived specifically for the show:
Verbal intercourse + X = Love (find X). So, in order not to miss the finding of X in the formula through creativity of words do make it a point to be at SyTris Bookshop (directly above the Glo office of the Mark Coffie building) at Osu,near Papaye on Saturday,15th September,2012 at 6:30 p.m. Rate is 20 cedis.
ALEWA= [A]rt [L]overs,[E]ntertainers & [W]ordsmiths in [A]ction


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