The general public is hereby advised to disregard the false information being carried in a fake snapshot Facebook post of the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Alban S.K. Bagbin. The content of the fake Facebook post says;

‘’If anybody thinks that leaking our names to the police CID thwarts our chances and advances their selfish claim to leadership in our party, then my brother, think again coz when we go down, we go down together. A word to the wise …’’

Reference was made to the same fake words in a publication in the 14th April, 2018 issue of the Daily Guide News Paper, which attributes those false words to his twitter account.

For the records, it is hereby stated without any equivocation, that the above quoted words are not the words of Hon. Bagbin, neither were same words ever published on his official Facebook page or Twitter handle. For the avoidance of doubt, Hon Bagbin’s official Facebook is and his twitter handle is [email protected]

While we appreciate the efforts of Daily Guide News Paper in reporting what is news, we encourage it to report what is accurate and factual. A cursory cross check, verification or authentication of the information could have saved Daily Guide from being part of this libellous publication.

In conclusion, we wish to state emphatically that Hon. Bagbin has not been invited by the CID to assist in the investigation of any crime. Hon. Bagbin is always ready and willing to assist the CID, in fact the whole Police Service, to carry out its lawful duties.

Thank you.

Social Media Management Team


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