Mr. Alan Kyerematen
Mr. Alan Kyerematen

Alan Kyeremanten has written to NPP against the party’s congress. According to him, the Tamale Conference has the most critical task of electing the party?s national leaders who will lead the party into the 2016 battle for power.

He said, he wishes the party great success in their deliberations, and to pray for the blessing of Almighty God for a peaceful, incident fee Conference.

Read full statement:

Ladies and gentlemen, on?Saturday April 12, 2014, our great party, the NEW PATRIOTIC PARTY will be meeting at the party?s highest convocation, The Annual National Delegates Conference in the Northern regional capital, Tamale.

This upcoming convocation is taking place at a time when the party has lost two consecutive general elections, and also lost a momentous and historical Presidential election petition at the Supreme Court.

Against this backdrop, the Tamale Conference has the most critical task of electing the party?s national leaders who will lead us into the 2016 battle for power. The foregoing scenario clearly gives the Tamale Conference an added critical importance. Going into this auspicious Conference therefore, I deem it appropriate to add my voice to the many others who are wishing our party great success in our deliberations, and to pray for the blessing of Almighty God for a peaceful, incident fee Conference.

Fellow Kukrudites, the challenge facing our party going into 2016 is no doubt a formidable one. We are dealing with an incumbent which came to power through what we consider to be very questionable means. Obviously, that incumbent would want to use 2016 to prove hook or crook, that they won 2012 fairly. We can therefore not leave anything to chance or complacency in our preparation for 2016. We should be totally hungry, thirsty and fully prepared for nothing but overwhelming victory. And that will depend on the caliber of leaders we elect in Tamale comeApril 12.

I am therefore appealing to all delegates to do their best to elect for our party competent leaders who will work their blood out for victory in 2016. It is important that approaching 2016, the party gets leaders who are competent, hardworking and totally committed to the party?s cause. The power to elect such leaders is in your hands as delegates. I therefore appeal to you to exercise that power in the best interest of the party, devoid of any persona; or petty considerations.

With the heightened tension that naturally goes along with every contest, a bit of tension has been generated over the course of the campaign towards the Tamale Conference. Nevertheless, our party is noted for its spirit of true democracy which is no stranger to contests and competition, internal and external. Let us therefore, as true democrats demonstrate our credentials by holding a peaceful Conference to the admiration of our well-wishers and the disappointment of our detractors. The competition and contest should only help us elect the best material to lead the party and not to engender undue strife and petty rivalry. The peaceful outcome of our Conference will serve to bolster the attraction of our party to all Ghanaians, most especially the voters who may not be necessarily members or supporters of our party.

Dear Delegates, my next appeal to you is to elect National Executives who will do all in their power to quickly heal the wounds of the contest and galvanize the party for total unity.? The party?s chances of winning 2016 definitely lie in our capacity to quickly regroup and unite solidly to fight as a harmonious entity. Let us therefore make party unity, especially after Tamale a key cornerstone of all our strategic thinking and planning to ensure victory in 2016. Power is what our party needs, and power we will secure once we stand solidly united.

Ladies and gentlemen, I know that some people would still want to hear from me about my intentions to contest the flagbearership of our party when the time comes. I don?t think that so far I have left anybody in doubt as my readiness and intention to do so, but just in case anybody still has any doubt, my yes answer is YES! I am still ready and will contest when the time comes.

I wish all party delegates, leaders, members and supporters God?s blessing, peace and safety in our travel to and from Tamale.

God bless us all.


Alan Kyerematen



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