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A member of Nana Akufo-Addo?s campaign communication team, Maame Afua Akoto, has described as ??pity and humiliation? the turnout at the campaign lunch of Mr. Alan Kyeremateng, especially when the latter claims to have thousands of followers.

alan cash

?One would say without any iota of doubt that Alan?s Campaign Launch was an uninspiring and influentially bankrupt one, which cannot prick the mind of any floating delegate in the NPP let alone make someone change his/her mind to vote for him. Simply put, it was a fiasco, after all the noise they made in the ?media about the launch.?


She alleged that even though Mr. Alan Kyeremateng paid supporters to attend his campaign launch, ?the taxi drivers and the people rejected the money.?


?Even after sharing free T-shirts which had GH?10.00 and GH?20.00 placed in them, we didn?t see the thousands of supporters and sympathizers they always claim to have,? she stated.


What even compounded Alan?s campaign launch misery, according Maame Afua Akoto, was the fact that only one MP out of the 123 NPP MP?s was present.


?Not even influential personalities from the regional or constituency levels of the party around the country was sighted,? she said.


However, Madam Afua Akoto, stated that she was surprised to sight Davis Opoku Ansah (OPK), a special aide to Kwabena Agyepong busily supporting and campaigning for Alan.


?? The words of our General Secretary, Kwabena Agyepong, kept ringing in my ears. He accused Perry Okudzeto of allowing his communication team members to campaign for one particular candidate (Nana Addo) whenever they get any media platform, but his aid was actively involved in Alan?s campaign launch ?


Maame Afua Akoto also reacted to some of the statements made at the campaign launch.


?It was more interesting listening to the various speakers at the program, but there was one person who surprised me the most- Nana Ohene Ntow. Nana Ohene Ntow was calling on NDC members who wanted to join the Alan?s campaign to come on board and that was very interesting. I wonder if he really thought about that part of his statement before putting it out. I have tried very well and still can?t find any politically sane reason why Ohene Ntow will be inviting NDC members to come on board to campaign for Alan in an internal contest.

One may ask, what will those NDC members be doing for the Alan camp? Will they be on board to vilify Alan?s main contender, Nana Addo or they will be providing resources to the Alan Camp?


On the issue of who befits to be crowned the President, I would like Dr. Richard Anane to know that, the presidency is not a beauty contest. As for Hilda Addo, I was expecting worse things than what she did.?

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