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alan cashI am pleading with the delegates of NPP to do something different by way of voting for change to send a strong signal to the Ghanaian voter that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is hungry for power.

Ghanaians will respect the delegates so much in a sense, that the NPP delegates are holding the twice defeated flag-bearer accountable for his words:?Nana Addo said; “Any candidate selected by NPP?s delegates had already secured 30% of the valid votes. Failure to garner the remaining 20% plus 1 vote at the national elections could be attributed to the candidate?s own fault, and therefore needs to be changed”?and that Ghanaians will say?the NPP delegates are result oriented. And that they are not interested in the series of excuses that the twice defeated ?old man? always resorts to.

Again, Ghanaians will see the sense in changing the twice defeated flag-bearer and that will complete the process of change that our party?begun at Tamale and Ghanaians will crown it with a decisive vote for the party in the upcoming 2016 general elections.

On the contrary, the Ghanaian voter will not take NPP serious should we bring the twice defeated 72-year-old man again. Over the years the handlers of this old man have failed to guide him as to how he ought to comport himself. The man is not responsible one bit.??He is the type that always apportions blame, and he is the type that has never conceded defeat and that?s what the Ghanaian voter hates.

As a party, it’s power that we want and I will plead with the delegates to save the party this time around by strategically voting massively for a candidate that has conducted himself admirably over the years, that even his opponents find it difficult to find faults. He won?t open the flood gates for anyone to insult. He always propose solutions or criticizes constructively and that has compelled voters across the numerous political parties to endorse him as the ultimate presidential prospect.

I am therefore pleading with the NPP delegates not to overlook or underscore this enviable personality and strategically vote for him to rescue the party from its serial defeats and save the nation from the economic crisis, joblessness and corruption in governance.?Alan John Kyerematen is the antidote to our electoral defeats, NPP delegates lets be strategic for this occasion?LETS WIN WITH THE 2NDJAK.?

Nana Kwame Kwakye

[email protected]

Tarkwa-Nsuaem Constituency


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