Anwar Sadat addresing the media yesterday

THE NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for Ayawaso Central constituency is in trouble over denigrating remarks he made about Muslims when he addressed members of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) during Easter.

An apolitical Muslim organization, the Ghana Muslim Coalition For Reformation (GMCR) stated they would not take kindly to any political figure making denigrating remarks about their fate in the way the parliamentary candidate did pointing out that they would take further action to deal with the unprovoked remarks.

The grouping yesterday made the remarks during a press conference in Accra to address the issue.

Instead of peace “the candidate seized the opportunity offered him by the church to spew out comments about Islam and Moslems in Ghana,” the GMCR noted adding it is the remarks of people like the candidate who goes by the name William Affum Aniagyei which provoke religious violence in some places.

“The political temperature is already tempestuous and we therefore do not need to compound the situation with such remarks,” they said.

The likes of the gentleman have stereotyped Muslims as being inferior they said adding “we live to see an era when our fathers will no longer be good only as watchmen and we live to see the era when politicians would cease using Muslim youth as thugs to be used during elections only to dump them after victory is achieved.”

Having a look through the heart of the candidate they stated that he has extreme hatred for Muslims preferring that as they put it “they remain in the abyss of poverty and ignorance.”

Religious extremism no matter which faith is involved should be condemned they stated adding that “Islam has stood the test of time and Alajo Obama and his assigns can wince and cringe about its success but they cannot shake its foundation.”

Moslems and Christians have co-existed peacefully for many years they said explaining that the majority of Christians do not subscribe to the thinking of the politician under review.

“This is a politician who is seeking our support but pretending to like us. He seeks to get our support to be a member of parliament and use it against us. That clearly would be a goal scored against ourselves,” they said.

They demanded from him which Muslims in Saudi Arabia met with their Ghanaian counterparts as he pointed out in his address and which Muslim leaders were in attendance.

They also asked him to explain why Christians should rise against Muslims. The inflammatory comments they explained have prompted solidarity messages from Muslims outside the country.

The grouping called upon the Christian Council of Ghana, Ghana Bar Association, Muslim chiefs and civil society organizations to condemn the remarks before they decide upon the next line of action.

The parliamentary candidate reportedly told a congregation to which he was invited alongside the NPP candidate in the same constituency that “the leadership of the Islamic community have met and hatched out a plan to annex Africa to Saudi Arabia. In furtherance of that they are offering special scholarships to the children of Muslims. Christians should rise and stem the development otherwise they would be legislating for us one day.”

 By Jamila Okerchiri

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