from Bampoe Daniel-
Hon Tom Budu, Akyemansa District Chief Executive of Eastern Region has noted that he will focus on the construction of road infrastructures of about 14.5 km from Ayirebi to Ofoase, extension of electritification projects, construction of 3 CHPS centers which is yet to be awarded, completion of ongoing projects, a new district hospital and clearing of ghost?s names in the district registry to facilitate growth in the district.
According to him, during the era of Late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the deployable roads in Akyemansa has never seen ?coaltar before, but as he been the leader will make sure all the roads are been constructed, since the contractors are on site, which by the ending of these 2013 would be completed.
He said, during, his first tenure in office has been able to extend electricity to over 33 communities, and now has urged the ECG to urgently extend the light system to villages such as; Betenase, Akor, Sukuma, Adugyan, Ayeboafo, Kwasiawoya, Akani Krobo, Wawase, Yaw Nkran, Apeti, Kwaboaadi 1, and its environs, which will be commenced by the end of next year.
Also by emphasizing that, there are lots of ongoing awarded projects such as construction of the new Assembly Administration Block, District Police Station with quarters, Fire Service Station, new Awarded Water Plant system by the Central Government to serve 15 communities which about 95% are mostly completed.
Hon Tom Budu made these know to the Paper in an interview, by proposing that, though Ghanaians are complaining of hardship of the economy, but the Akyemansa District is on course in terms of projects which the contractors are on site and yet to? commence some.
He further averred that, the next agenda is to focus on Education which is the key to national development and will collaborate with the District Education Directorate to draw an action plan that will help the youth to achieve their aim by attending school as though the NDC government is on course to improve quality education for Ghanaians.
Hon Tom Budu, who succeeds for the second time, said the central government is constructing a new Oil Extract factory at Ofoase-kuma in the district which will creates job avenues for the palm plantation farmers and the youths, whereby the palm oil will be supply to Lever Brothers to generate sources of income to the assembly, as though the district is a farming area.
His administration, he said will be open to all without any discrimination, irrespective of each and everyone?s political affiliations, and averred that the Assembly will very soon meet to set up a committee to check and clear all ghosts? names in the decentralized district departments register.
Hon Tom Budu finally express his warmly gratitude to the central government for the numerous projects ongoing in the district and appeal for the District Seed Fund which aim for projects to continue the Better Ghana Agenda.


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