… Constituents Accused Him Of Spending Working Hours @ Food Joints


? The? people of Akropong? Constituency? in the? Eastern have appealed? to the? President? John? Dramani? Mahama? not? to retain? the District? Chief? Executive? of? Akwapim North? District? Assembly? Hon. Opare Addo? in? office.?????????????

According? to the people? of the area? since? the DCE? assumed? post , he? does? not stay? in office, but? moves? from? one radio? station to another? and engage in discussions? that? does? not? bring? any? direct? development to the? area.

They? have also accused? him? of spending? precious? working? hours at? food?? joints? with? cronies? to enjoy? themselves.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The? people have described? the DCE?s? performs? as? ?below? average?? compared? to? his? other? compatriots? in the? Region.

They? said? if President? John? Mahama? wants? to? achieve? his? government?s? Better? Ghana? Agenda? Policy?? then? he? should? not? retain? Opare? Addo? as the? DCE? for? the? Akwapim? North? District? Assembly,? But? Bring? someone? who? can? bring? development? to? area.

The candidates vying for the position of the DCE, after going through vetting are waiting for the President?s approval of whoever will take up that position.



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