Dr Nduom being assisted by Togbe Gobo Dake XII to officially open the Bank.
Dr Nduom being assisted by Togbe Gobo Dake XII to officially open the Bank.

Dr Nduom, who is also the bearer of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), made the pledge following a request made by the Chief of Akwadum, Nana Owusu Dwamena, at a durbar where Dr Nduom introduced the PPP Parliamentary aspirant for the New Juaben North Constituency, Mr Gabriel Tetteh Norgah, to the chiefs and people.

Dr Nduom said he stood for development and his achievements in the business sector, which has created jobs for thousands of people all over the country, attested to his ability to manage the country’s economy better for the benefit of all.

‘He said the NDC and NPP had nothing to offer, they have only succeeded in mismanaging our natural resources and left us poorer whiles they are rich and that is why you have to vote for PPP, whose leader has the ability to manage the economy’, he said.

Nana Owusu Dwamena said the people of Akwadum were cocoa farmers and needed a bank at their doorstep to facilitate their farming business.

Nana Owusu Dwamena said he and his people were looking for a political party which would serve the interest of his community in terms of development and added that the area was not tied to a particular political party.

Mr Tetteh Norgah, the parliamentary aspirant, said when given the nod he would help create jobs for the youth and appealed to the people to vote for him.

He said he had researched extensively into bamboo and clay deposits in the area and was convinced that when given the nod, he could establish manufacturing centres using bamboo and clay as raw materials to create jobs for the people.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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