A)???????????????? True Greatness and true leadership are not achieved by reducing men to one?s? ????? service, but in given oneself in service to the people. Truly what Akwa-Ibom need ??? now is a servant; one who will serve and lead them whole heartedly; not a ????? manager who will continue to take directives from his master, ?predecessor or ???????? some? few cabal. ?

?Etteh Okpolupm is a great servant of his people; a community leader per excellence a man who will not send you out to the saddle Etteh Okpolupm is the man!

(b)?????? What Akwa-Ibom need come 2015 is a LEADER not a MANAGER, for a leader ????????? innovates, develops, focus on the needs of his people; have long range of ?????????? perspective. While the manager is a, yes man; have no Sense of direction; a copy; an oga anointed boy, and have no say of his own, he focuses on the system; does not listen to the people but only to the master. With a short range view, always seek final? approval from the predecessor or his master.

Akwa-Ibom what are we waiting for? We need leader that will inspire and take us to higher level and that man is Etteh Okpolupm.

(c)??????? The purpose for leadership is not the maintenance of followers like the MANAGER do. But the production of leaders. This can be evidenced in the life of Etteh Okpolumpu who has produced leaders in different spare of life as a true LEADER; Etteh Okpolupm has provided opportunities for others to find and fulfill their God given purposes, Akwa-Ibomites this is the right man for the job, A man that will not only give us fish? to eat but will also teach us how to catch fish? and develop the youth of Akwa-Ibom State Etteh Okpolumpu is the dynamic young man that Can turn around the economy of Akwa-Ibom State.

(d)?????? A MANAGER listens to the voice of his predecessor or Master while the LEADER listen to the voice of his people all the time. We need an experience leader not an experience manager.

(e)??????? A MANAGER builds the future for the youth while the LEADER builds the youth for the future. We need a leader! We need a leader!! We need a leader!!!

Akwa-ibom needs a leader not a manager. ?

Etteh Okpolupm you are the fulfillment of hope of all ages



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