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Nana AKufo-Addo
Nana AKufo-Addo

The dynamics of political contest has a lot to do with time, brand and opportunity. There is also a factor where critical thinkers can best put politics in the right perspective as a social science.

In considering all these issues and subject raised above, we can best described the defeated flag bearer of the 2012 elections Nana Akufo-Addo announcement to party faithfull?s as a sheer public relations without any element of science; where details of major discoveries needs to be considered before this agenda to protect his interest as he look forward for the Tamale national executive elections congress has fall shot below the belt or was missing in the whole funfair.

Let?s look at these few questions- is there equal leveling field for all candidates who want to contest the flag bearer race in 2016?

How democratic is the next flag bearer contest if nomination is not yet open, national executive?s are not elected, then why this early declaration? Is he independent or a shadow leader of the party already?

Is Nana prepared to work with the new executives incase his old guards are not elected? However is Nana Addo not putting the cart before the horse?

The polarization of the airwaves is likely going to be poison with unguided words and insults just to protect the interest of potential candidates to fight and protect various political blocks that are nurturing their ambition to contest the 2016 NPP flag bearer.

It is on record that NPP has suffered from huge collateral damage in any internal contest more especially in trading of insults and dangerous words of ammunitions of verbal fights and insults in any of their internal contest since inception of the fourth republic. Though National Democratic Congress and some other political parties also suffered similar collateral damage New Patriotic Party is on record of trading high on internal insults as compared to other political parties.


The battle for 2016 is casting a shadow of another defeat for the New Patriotic Party if the party refused to change their dynamics by focusing on topical issues of finding alternative solutions to problem affecting the country. By working hard on their internal cracks and factions which big wigs within the party assumed can be worked out without been sincere to put the party first rather trying to massage the division which the party has suffered from since 2008, where quest for power for the NPP would be the thing of the past or an illusion.

Above all jumping on the same media figments and negative sound-bites of news paper headlines and building of confidents on issues that does not create an atmosphere of change for power to form a new government; defeat would always be the end product come 2016.

In another development statement of gaffs from political stall walls, within government, political parties and leading members has lost its substance in making impact with time and results. Since the plurality of the media just served as the conduit for internal and external agenda within the NPP, which can be divisionary or real and can be perceived just for the government to seek a litmus test to prepared towards how to defeat Nana Addo again with his weak public relations projecting himself as the first past the poll would definitely affect the team spirit after the race of internal election is over.

All politicians understand that unless the election is going to be a landslide, ultimate victory lies not just in mobilising their own voters, but in appreciating and canvassing for the swing votes. Where traditional polling and research will tell a candidate what the current political atmosphere of victory is going depends on the internal dynamics of the party campaign strategy which NPP find to address in the last election.


One cardinal point that NPP as a party miss and refused to acknowledge is the team work and internal party dynamics. There is a tendency of individual blocks and a barrier of party faithful growing strong this time round as the party prepared to strive to work for unity.

The party suffered so much from team spirit in gathering the supporting base in terms of cash mobilization and other human capital to pursue the last election which Nana lost to President John Dramani Mahamah.

What is new about Nana Addo going for 2016 flag bearer race leading to emerge as the leader of the party if he wins the contest which has already generate a heat of fireworks from all the supporters of potential candidates who thought Nana should have allowed the party to search for a new flag bearer since he going for the race would just be a new wine in an old wine skin.

There is nothing new around him, his agenda to brand and market himself would be an attitude of sober reflection where major quality time would be used to clear himself from all the negatives baggage he carry along from the last two election defeats. However it is politically wrong to waste so much time defending the indefensible since campaign has to do with new image building and not correcting the wrong in the past. Though correcting these acts can be a plus to emerge as new brand, his political opponents are going to have a free day to destroy him again since he would be doubling up on the same issues of facts he denied yesterday seems to admit in good faith for the sake of power which cast doubt on his credentials to be trusted as a leader.


The difference between running as an incumbent and running as a challenger is monumental.? Incumbents have records to run on and to be attacked on.? Challengers usually (but not always) have trouble raising money, and often must spend time and resources raising their name and new image of political brand.? The real battle declaring Nana Akufo-Addo can best be described as the best public relations practices.

This communication dynamics by the architects of Nana Addo has done nothing good to him, but putting himself in a state of confusion. Sometimes is just a sign of comic relief. In that delegates can now be describe as kingmakers, holding the political dagger to make or unmake the future of the party, since there is a sign of desperation on the part of the followers of Nana Addo to reinstate him by fair or foul means to lead the party in 2016 election, without any strategic thinking without considering the political atmosphere whether he is the right man to match John Dramani Mahamah.

However what would happened if NDC change John Dramani Mahamah come 2016, is NPP likely not going to face the same confusion that clouds their thinking when Proff. Mills end his term, when he died as a seating president? In politics there is always a need for wisdom to search for strategic thinkers to help public officers or political leaders in all major decisions to prevent chaotic situations that can caused the future and the entire nations in any national agenda in quest for political power.





Police Officer Dupes Businessman

A police officer,?Inspector Silyvester Asare Quansah, of the Visa Fraud Unit has been ordered by an Accra Fast Track Court to return the properties he seized from one Thomas Botha, a Ghanaian businessman who runs a Travel and Tour company.

Thomas Botha was arrested for fraud on the 23rd?of August, 2012 and being investigated, three officers from the Visa Fraud office led by one Francis Morgan Baah went to his house to officially search his room. They also went to his main office at Kokomlemle, a suburb in Accra.

According to Botha who is the victim, the officers who searched his home and the office took away 32 passports of which 28 were having valid United State of America visas. He again mentioned? ?Inspector Sylvester Asare Quansah as the investigator who took custody of the 32 passports, U$7.000.00,???Euro 250.00, GHC 8,960, Zenith Bank ATM card. He again took custody of two brand new HP printers and one HP Scanner. Others are four Zenith Bank Cheque books and one brand new ipad.

After thorough investigation, Thomas Botha was arraigned before court and was later discharged by an Accra circuit court for want of persecution.

After he was discharged, the tour operator tried to retrieve his items taken away by the police but did not succeed so he petitioned the Attorney General.

Two different courts then ordered Chief Inspector Sylvester Asare Quansah to release the items to the petitioner. Later, 27 passports were returned, with 10 being changed without the valid US visas. Again, the rest of the items have not been released.

The case was reported to the IGP and the officers involved in the investigation were ordered to be interdicted and thoroughly investigated. However, the order has not been affected as the officers involved are at post.

The Fast Track Court hearing case has also adjourned to March 24, 2014 for Police officer Sylvester Asare Quansah to bring the rest of the items.



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