Credible information now reaching your Authoritative, the Crystal Clear Lens is that, the New Patriotic Party flag bearer, Akufo-Addo is more than miserable and hopeless following an outright rejection by Prophet T. B. Joshua to help him win the 2012 polls at all cost.

According to the information, the flagbearer who heavily ridiculed the late President Mills for his open association with Prophet T. B. Joshua has for the last two months been seriously and tirelessly courting the Nigerian Prophet to work out some miracles to enable him (Akufo-Addo) become the next president of Ghana.

But the Prophet sharply turned down the desperate request by Akufo-Addo and told him that he (Prophet) can only do such under the direction of God. This, according to the information shocked top confidants of the beleaguered standard bearer who were with him.

The information have it that upon several telephone conversations to lure the Prophet into performing the spiritual magic for him to realise his dying dream of reviving his father?s name of becoming the president of Ghana before his death with mouth watering promises, the Prophet simply replied no, meaning Akufo-Addo cannot become the president of Ghana upon his at all cost and all-die-be-die winning mantra.

As such moves woefully failed him, two week ago when court the Nigerian-born world-famous man of God, arrived in Ghana for the late President Mills? burial Akufo-Addo led a high-powered NPP delegation to call on him at his Teshie-Nungua residence.

According to our information, Akufo-Addo shamelessly went down on his knees to beg the Man of God to accept his request but T.B Joshua told him again that God has not revealed anything relating the NPP?s flagbearer to him and he could not do anything about it until God speaks to him (T.B Joshua).

?He also used the opportunity to seek spiritual help for challenges confronting him health-wise which T.B Joshua prayed for him and asked God to forgive Akufo-Addo of numerous sins?, one of our informants noted .

Among the NPP delegation led by Akufo-Addo was Stephen Asamoah Boateng, popularly known as ?Asa B?, who has never hidden the fact that he believes in Prophet T. B. Joshua as a true man of God.

Indeed, Stephen Asamoah Boateng was the lone voice within the NPP to publicly speak against the opprobrium that was being heaped on President Mills by people within the NPP for publicly proclaiming his confidence in T. B. Joshua as a true man of God.

At the height of the NPP?s derision of President Mills for associating with T. B. Joshua, pro-NPP newspapers deliberately sought to pitch President Mills against Ghanaian-born men and women of God, by suggesting that President Mills did not believe that they are true men and women of God.

Such was the scorn that the NPP heaped on President Mills for his association with T. B. Joshua that, it was even suggested that Ghana was being ruled by T. B. Joshua through President Mills.

Indeed, on one occasion, on a Joy FM discussion programme in early 2009 soon after President Mills announced the last batch of his Ministerial appointments, Mr. Gabby AsareOtchere-Darko, a member of Mr.Akufo-Addo?s inner-circle of Akyem Mafia, felt bold to state that there was one person whose position in the government had not been made public.

When asked by the host, KwodwoOppong-Nkrumah, to name the person whose position had not been made public, Gabby AsareOtchereDarko glibly said, ?Prophet T. B. Joshua?.

When President Mills drank common water, he was derided and scorned by people in the NPP and the people of Ghana were told that the President was drinking ?Joshua Water?!!!

While all these vilifications of President Mills was going on, Akufo-Addo never once had the courage to stand up to his own people and speak against these uncalled-for attacks.

Today, with President Mills no longer alive, Mr.Akufo-Addo is now surreptitiously courting the same man of God whose association with President Mills the NPP derided with glee.

Would Akufo-Addo have the moral courage to openly go to the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Nigeria to worship with Prophet T. B. Joshua as President Mills had been doing? Or he would prefer to keep his apparent reverence of the Man of God a secret lest his own people deride him for following the footsteps of President Mills.

Source: TCCL Intelligence Desk Report


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