The Volunteers group of the Progressive People?s Party (PPP), has taken a swipe at the flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) over his recent recommended solutions to dealing with the country?s development challenges.

In a statement issued in Accra and signed by its coordinator, Richard Nii Armah, the group lamented over the ?lack of practicality? in the solutions recommended by the NPP flag bearer during the recent Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA?s) evening encounter.

According to the group, the NPP flag bearer would be worse-off than the departed President Mills whom they said disliked corruption but did not ?demonstrate practically his commitment to eradicate corruption from the system.?

?It is very funny how Nana Addo talks about eradicating corruption by being an exemplary leader. We know that Ghanaians have had the opportunity of having an incorruptible leader like the late former President Mills (May his soul rest in peace) whose government could be said to be one of the most corrupt in recent times in the history of Ghana. Professor Mills never liked corruption as a person yet his government could not rid itself of corruption. This is because the institutional structure of the country has made it difficult for any individual to be able to fight corruption effectively.?

The Evening Encounter Session was organised by the IEA to afford Ghanaians the opportunity to have an encounter with Presidential Candidates with representation in parliament.

However, the group opined that the Presidential candidates including Nana Addo who used the platform did not provide a better option to the country?s problems especially corruption.

They believe Nana Addo?s solutions is an indication that ?he does not fully appreciate the nature of corruption in our system or is not willing to be a different leader and for that matter an Akufo Addo administration is not going to be anything better than the Mills-led administration.?

The group also said Nana Addo made a very laughable suggestion when he said he will handle Judgment debt by causing the Attorney General to publish all claims made against the state.

??As if to say that it is the people of Ghana who shall determine which Judgment debt to be paid and which one not to be paid;we think he could have said better than this mere populist propaganda to confuse the many unsuspecting voters.?

They also attacked his claims of that he the Attorney General?s office should not be detached from the Ministry of Justice.

?This is a clear indication that he is not willing and does not intend to fight corruption [because] by continuously retaining the status of the AG as a Cabinet minister who can be hired and fired by the President, we limit the power of the AG to Prosecute all manner of people.?

They argued that the A-G would never be able to do an independent prosecution especially when the prosecution is likely to affect the reputation of his government.

?We insist that all politicians must come to realisation of this simple fact and make commitment to ensure that our legal system is reformed. Ghana needs an independent state prosecutor who cannot be sacked by the President anyhow.?

The statement concluded by calling on the people of Ghana to offer the PPP opportunity to implement its agenda for change and transformation.

?PPP wants the opportunity to implement an Agenda for Change when our candidate is made President of the Republic of Ghana come January 2013.? This Agenda is built on four pillars ? Stewardship, Education, Healthcare and Jobs.? We will implement the Agenda using the spirit of inclusiveness that will enable us to use the best Ghanaians; full participation of women and the youth; and above all a leadership that is incorruptible.? By dealing with corruption, we can double government revenue which we will use to pay for our transformational initiatives in education, healthcare and job creation.?


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