-Say ?we are no fools?

By Samuel Ansah Boateng

As he vies for his third term in parliament, on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), ahead of this Saturdays primaries in the Akuapem North District, Hon. William O. Boafo may be losing his seat to one of his fellow contenders, over what has been described as ?incompetent? and ?carelessness? on his part, by the party?s delegates in the area.


According to some of the delegates who confided in this reporter ?the MP thinks we are some fools?he only runs to us when he needs our vote, this time we will show him how important we are as delegates?he has already spent eight years in parliament and we think it?s good enough for him to get what he wanted personally?.
The delegates in their angry mood further bemoaned others who they claimed may, perhaps vote Hon. Boafo again to parliament no matter how unfair he had been to his constituency, ?because of GH5 and 5kg bags of rice he has been giving us only on electioneering eras?.

?maybe it is only those at the top there, Akropong , who benefits from him personally, but we the villagers down here, he doesn?t care about us?the only time you will see him paying a visit to the smaller villages here, is when the election year is approaching and he needs our help?. They hinted.

The delegates believe their villages had been ruled out from many beneficial projects, such as the rural electrification scheme, and there was nothing the MP had done to salvage the situation since his eight year term in parliament, despite their numerous calls on him.
They said most of their surrounding villages have had their share of the national cake, only because of the involvement of some of their indigenes, who have links in the ruling government.
?We have been appealing to him, to at least help us get electricity, for almost all the eight good years we voted him to power and nothing has he done to help?.

The delegates however lauded the flagbearer of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), Madam Akua Donkor, for her unflinching support and efforts being put in to ensure most of the principal villages, such as Kabu and their environs get access to electricity.

But unfortunately, the delegates hinted that instead of re-voting their current member of parliament, Hon. Boafo, they are rather rallying their support and weight behind Mrs. Mercy Bampoe-Addo, one of the vibrant candidates.

She was elected a Deputy Minister in the Office of the President during former President Kufuor?s regime and is currently working as a private consultant.

The delegates believe she has been tried and tested both politically and humanitarianly, and she is the right candidate to match their Flag-bearer, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo, to wrestle power from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), come 2016.


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