On the back of his recently released materials ?Holy? and ?Nobody Like You?, promising contemporary gospel songwriter, Akesse Brempong, is ready with a new material ? ?Closer?.

Closer, set in a root?rock-reggae style alien to gospel music in Ghana, further affirms Akesse?s hold on the gospel reggae genre.

Produced by Kwame Keys, the South African-based Ghanaian producer, Closer also features Kweku Nyarko ?Cwake? on acoustic guitar.

Akesse makes a sweet entrance into the song chanting a simple melody line amidst guitar strums, banging bongos and soothing harmonica flicks. It doesn?t take long for the listener to appreciate the writing and vocal knack of Akesse Brempong who seems to be in communion with God referred to as ?Sir? in the song.

?Closer is not just another track to display my musical prowess. It?s a personal prayer and a heartfelt desire. I pour out my heart to God on that record and anybody who loves God will certainly identify with that song,? he says.

The Tribe of Judah, the ministry team of Akesse Brempong is getting ready to release the single online for free download.


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