Europe is one of the seven continents of the world and is also one of the most prosperous regions of the world. Europe is divided from the continent of Asia by the water shade divides of the Ural and Caucasus Mountains, the Ural River and the Caspian and the Black Seas. Europe is the second smallest continent in terms of surface area, and it has approximately 50 states, the largest being Russia and the smallest being the Vatican City. Europe is the third most populated continent of the earth after Asia and Africa. Europe has a population of 733 million people, which is about, 11% of the world’s population. Europe has got numerous states and numerous airports. There are a number of airlines which provide cheap airfares deals to various states in Europe.

The London Heathrow Airport is the busiest in Europe, and it is situated in London.

The total passenger footfalls in 2011 were recorded to be 69,433,230 which is indeed a unusually large figure. There are numerous flights from a series of airlines which are spread over the entire Europe. There are also a number of economic airlines which gives the passengers an option of cheap flights to Europe. These airlines offer a cost-effective affair for the passengers to travel to Europe. The Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport is the second busiest and one of the most prominent airports of Europe. It is situated at Paris in France and had a total passenger footfall of 60,970,551 passengers in the year 2011. The third busiest airport in the continent is the Frankfurt Airport which is situated at the city of Frankfurt in Germany. The total footfalls recorded to be 56,436,255 in the year 2011, in this airport. The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at Amsterdam in Netherlands is another key airport of Europe and is surveyed to be the fourth busiest in the continent. The total passenger footfalls in 2011, in this airport, are 45,211,749. The Barajas Airport at Madrid in Spain is the fifth busiest airport of European continent. Munich airport at Munich in Germany is the sixth busiest airport of the continent. Cheap tickets to Europe are available in a number of airlines that operate from airports in the continent.

The number of airports in Europe is exhaustive, and all has got incredible infrastructure and ambience and this makes it a comfortable experience for all airline passengers. The seventh busiest airport in Europe is the Leonardo da Vinci- Fiumicinon Airport which is situated at Rome in Italy. The Ataturk International Airport at Istanbul in Turkey is the eighth busiest airport in Europe. The Barcelona EI Prat Airport at Barcelona is the ninth busiest and Gatwick Airport at London in United Kingdom is the tenth busiest airport in Europe.

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