More than 50 fighters with the Islamic State jihadist group were killed in two air raids north of Baghdad on Wednesday, Iraqi security officials said.

AirstrikesAn air strike by Iraqi warplanes on the town of al-Duluiyeh, 80 kilometres north of the capital, killed 26 members of the organization and destroyed six vehicles.

Among those killed, they said, was a commander involved in the killing of hundreds of soldiers taken captive at Camp Speicher near Tikrit in June, several days into the Islamic State’s lightning offensive across northern Iraq.

The Sunni extremist group at the time said it had killed 1,700 Shiite troops, and published photographs of mass executions of young men in civilian clothing.

Another 28 fighters were killed in an air raid on a camp being used by the group, army officials said.

Meanwhile, parliament speaker Salim al-Jabouri said that the assembly supported air strikes by foreign powers in the anti-Islamic State coalition being put together by the United States.

“We are anxious that the air strikes be accurate so as to avoid harming civilians or infrastructure,” al-Jabouri told reporters at the parliament building.

“It is essential that operations against Daesh are clearly coordinated with the Iraqi government. Sovereignty is as important to us as security,” he added, using an Arabic acronym to refer to the group.


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