Passengers onboard the aircraft at MM2 panicked and refused to continue the journey

Passengers aboard an Abuja-bound Air Nigeria plane at the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MM2) panicked on Sunday as the engine of the aircraft refused to start.

All had been set for the first flight for the day by Air Nigeria to Abuja, when after several attempts, the pilot was unable to start the engine.

The pilot then explained to the passengers that the development was caused by the fact that the ground power could not ignite the engine. However, after three different ones were brought and the aircraft engine still failed start, the passengers demanded that the aircraft crew open the door so they could disembark.

One of the passengers, Ismaila Umar, who was visibly angered by the situation, was the first to express his disappointment.

Others followed, especially some of the women headed to Abuja to attend the visiting day at their children’s school. Their anger was that with the situation of things, it could be impossible for them to get to see their children and also return back to Lagos if they wait for the airline’s next scheduled flight which was slated for 3.45pm.

They argued that the management of the carrier should have, upon noticing the fault with the aircraft, made alternative arrangements to convey the stranded passengers who had reported to the airport as early as 6am to be able to catch the 7am flight.

Attempts by Air Nigeria Duty Manager, Jerome Oyebanji, to resolve the issue failed to appease the passengers. The passengers refused to be put on other flights going to Abuja and demanded a refund of their fare.

The management of the airline apologised for the situation and refunded the passengers.

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