KASAPREKO COMPANY Limited (KCL), leading manufacturer of bitters in the country, has launched its newest product, Air-Force Bitters, in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital.KASAPREKO

The multi-national beverage company is noted for producing first class but affordable products using authentic traditional blends and world class technology in an environmentally responsible manner.

The media launch of the latest product was attended by the cr?me-de-la-cr?me of Kumasi journalists and top officials of KCL.

?Air-Force Bitters is a unique blend of selected herbal plant extracts, characterised as a multi-functional alcoholic beverage,? Gerald Bonsu, Marketing Manager of KCL, indicated at the launch.

He added, ?Air-Force Bitters contains herbs that are carefully blended to provide not only the refreshment of an alcoholic beverage but the add-on benefits derived from natural herbs.?

Mr Bonsu opined that Air-Force Bitters comes in a bottle size of 750ml and is one of KCL?s most potent bitters so far, adding that the product has so many positive benefits for its users.

?The company will continue to explore more scientific methods of bringing unto the market new products that are relevant to Ghanaians,? the KCL Marketing Manager assured.

?At Kasapreko, we strive to take initiatives using scientific processes to manufacture new products that are innovative and healthy for the consumer,? Mr Bonsu stated.

Kasapreko recently acquired herbal plantations in the Western and Ashanti Regions to ensure that raw materials needed for the manufacture of its products are grown locally.

With over 20 years of experience and credibility in the beverage industry, Kasapreko operates in various parts of Africa, especially in Togo, Cote-D?Ivoire and South Africa, with a large consumer base in Nigeria and distribution networks in Europe and the Americas.

Mr Bonsu urged Ghanaians to support indigenous companies to grow and expand their operations by patronising local products, adding that Kasapreko currently has 15 brands, with Alomo Bitters being the company?s flagship brand.

Kasapreko was recently named by The Cable News Network (CNN) among the top five emerging brands worldwide and was named the CIMG Manufacturing Company of the Year 2014.

In addition, the Institute for Government Research Leadership Technology in Nigeria conferred the Kasapreko Alomo Bitters Brand with the Medicinal Herbal Brand of the Year 2014.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr.,Kumasi


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