amnesty international
amnesty international
By Adah Ocholi 
Before the Iraqi War of 1991 there was a report of Iraqi soldiers ‘throwing Kuwaiti babies out of incubators’. That story was a fabrication of no other than Amnesty International, an international non-governmental organization (NGO) that says it is “campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all”. Amnesty International’s star witness in that sordid saga, ‘Nurse Nayirah’, who turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US at the time. Nayirah’s testimony before the US Congress was instrumental to the authorization of the Gulf War, the precursor to the hell that the modern-day Iraq is.
Amnesty International issued a correction to distance itself from Nayirah  only after the damage has been done, when the first Gulf War was over there was no evidence to back up the testimony of its star witness. The war and its chain reactions, which are still ongoing, has however provided AI with raison d’etre, it exists to profit from war, helping willing hostile nations start war and blaming the victims (targeted countries) for the hell unleashed on them.
The trail runs longer and farther afield than Iraq. The whole of the Middle East is practically on fire and the fingers of Amnesty International shows through the gloves in all instances. The NGO has honed its skills to a point where its template is easily adapted to destabilize any nation of its choosing. It sets up a local franchise in the targeted country, recruits citizens of that country who who are unable to resist the allure of comparatively large pay checks and set a foreign slave master to direct them on how to destroy their own country under the guise of defending human rights and the cookies crumble from thence. Yemen, Iran, Syria, Libya, Egypt and other countries in that axis are just a few of the places where its goods are delivering destruction as intended.
There is however a limit to how long and how far a fire would burn once it has consumed the incendiary materials available to it. The Middle East, whose peoples have erroneously walked their legitimate struggles into the Amnesty International trap, is in most part a waste land; its population have in some cases been completely uprooted while in some areas there is nothing left to destroy. Amnesty International is therefore compelled to source a new set for the horror show it is addicted to – the new location must have viable economies, resources and large population whose death and displacement would be tear jerking enough to present Amnesty International as a messianic organization that is committed to eradicating human suffering while its sponsors pillage the resources of the doomed nation.
Unfortunately, Nigeria happened to fit the bill as it met all the criteria for the kind of nations that Amnesty International select for destabilization; the country has great economic potential, abundant resources and a large population. Tragically, Nigeria also has a population that are awake to demanding for their rights, which is an added bonus for Amnesty International as it is exploiting this to actively recruit Nigerians free of charge to destroy their own fatherland without realizing that they risk becoming refugee. (This of course does not include the compromised Nigerians on AI’s staff as these ones have been confused by the relatively higher pay).
Now that Amnesty International is all but done in the Middle East it is increasingly turning its attention to Nigeria. The groundwork of lies it has been building in the past one decade are now being activated for what may yet be its greatest onslaught, one that would define whether Nigeria descends into the Middle East kind of chaos or emerge to keep waffling along, depending on what the citizens decide as being in their own best interest.
As is the case everywhere else that Amnesty International has ever sold its lies, the target has been the Federal Government of Nigeria even though the NGO’s attack is through the Nigerian Army, which has the constitutional role to prevent what Amnesty International wants to happen to the country, render it into a failed nation-state – a no man’s land where its corporate clients can come to exploit raw materials without having to pay prevailing global rates to a legitimate government. If allowed, this questionable organization will present the Nigerian Army as a criminal outfit that is not deserving of international support and one whose leadership should be punished for daring to defeat the terrorists that were commissioned to take the nation apart.
These apparent intentions perhaps explain why the achievements of the Nigerian Army or military in defeating terrorists – Boko Haram, IMN, IPoB separatists, militants and other criminals while operating within global best practice of human rights observance is never acknowledged. Rather, the NGO engages dozens of Nayirahs, male and female, faceless witnesses and victims, whose testimonies cannot be trusted to accuse the military of atrocities that exist only in movie scripts written by Amnesty International staff. The organization, of course, usually ignore how these criminal elements maim and kill security personnel and innocent Nigerians because that does not fit its agenda.
The success of the Nigerian Army in degrading Boko Haram terrorists and other security threats to Nigeria has made Amnesty International’s work difficult in Nigeria. Troops are endeared to citizens who never stop singing the praises of their country’s military for keeping them safe. This makes rubbish of the manufactured stories that AI peddles as reports and brings it under increased pressure to deliver to those that have paid it to manage Nigeria into chaos.
The NGO has recently resorted to another of its tricks, which is to outsource its lies to other international NGOs to increase the prospect of Nigerians believing such and the international community acting on them. The open support for Boko Haram by these lies easily give the agenda away and the NGOs that have been so contracted are easily outed as liars, which means they will beat a retreat faster than Amnesty International.
Notwithstanding that the Nigerian Army has been able to ride above the muck laid out for it by Amnesty international and its allies, it must be noted that the organization’s unrelenting sabotage of the efforts to root out Boko Haram and other terrorists is a drain on the country. Its support has made Boko Haram persist longer than it is capable of without outside help. It is for this reason that Nigerians must hold Amnesty International responsible for whatever they have suffered in the hands of Boko Haram as long as it lasted. This would be a first step to Nigerians mentally preparing themselves to deal with Amnesty International the way country that enjoy stability dealt with the NGO and that is to give it no space to operate as an agent of instability.
Ocholi is a Peace  and Conflict Resolution Expert based in Abuja.[[email protected]]


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