Nana Kusi Yeboa?Asiama, the Chief of? Ahwia ?near? ?Kumasi, had spent GH?18,000 (180,000,000 old cedis) ?to construct a bridge on River Akosu.

New Picture? The construction of the bridge ?would?? create access link? between? Ahwia and Buokrom?? to? reduce?? the travelling difficulties? people? in? the? Ahwia?? and its surrounding communities?? has to battle? it out in? their quest to get? to? the city? centre?? of Kumasi? to transact business.

The? construction of the bridge also? came as? relief? to commuters? in places like Agona, Mamaponten, Aboaso?? and? others? to join the? Kumasi-Accra? High Ways? at? the ?Kumasi Airport roundabout? without? any? arduous? task? apart from? it helping to reduce to consistent ?vehicular traffic? jam on? the Old Tafo?-Kejetia? main? road.

The Old Tafo?Kejetia?? main?road is?one of the?traffic jammed?? route within?the Kumasi?Metropolitan?Assembly.

Nana Yeboah? Asiamah who? made this? known to? section? of? journalists ?explained that? considering the? onus? task resting? on? the? shoulders? of the central? government?relying? on? it by? every? community? ?to execute? ?the needed? social? amenities ?to transform the lives? of? the? people would delay?? a? lot.

?I was ?motivated to construct the bridge considering the? huge responsibilities? of the ?central government because? it ?alone? can not? execute? projects every? town? needs? to meet the expectation?? of the? people,? he stressed.

According to the? chief, though? hundred? percent? works? had been? completed on? the? bridge? it was? left? with? what is?? known in? construction? term? as ?approach??? to? make it ready for use .

He? said ?Ahwia? as? one?? the tourist? destinations? in the country, needed? access? ?road to? help realize? much revenues? for the?? nation.

?Ahwia? had gained? much recognitions? both? locally and? internationally? ?as? a result? of its beautiful?? tourist activities ??in tourism? ?but it is rather? unfortunate? that? the town lacks? access? roads. Our brothers from?? outside? Ghana?? always?? face? problem? ?of vehicular? traffic?? when they are touring? Ahwia?? hence? I saw?? it? as? a? laudable? move? to put? the bridge in good shape so that? they? drive through? Buokrom? as soon as they touch base? at the Kumasi? Airport? to? the town,?? he? said.

He disclosed that apart from?the?? bridge, through his?efforts?? a complex?market?? and?? modern?place of convenience?had?been constructed.

The? market? he? explained that would? be? used? as the centre where? yam? transported? from the? northern parts? of? the? country would? be offloaded. This he believed?would create job for the?youth within?the Ahwia community.

H e? said considering the? low? level ?of education among? the? people of Ahwia? Zongo,? he? had released? land? for? a school? project? where? construction? works? had ?already begun .

?I had? molded? number of blocks?? to put up? a modern palace? because I? want ?to leave concrete evidence of development for? those? who would ?come after? me,? I?m? doing? everything? possible? to get? a Senior High? School in? the Ahiwia? township,? he revealed.



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