Ghanaian hilarious Actor, Alex Kofi Adu famously known as Agyakoo is set to embark on a comic trip to Israel on March 27.
Agyakoo’s trip with Ghanaian Hi-Life singer AB Crentsil to Israel would see the launch of a foreign based local association to facilitate their activities.

The comic Actor in an interview with The Moment said, their trip was purported to stage a comic show as the people try to foster unity among themselves.
“Our people out there have invited me and AB Crentsil to come and support them in making the launching a success,” he said.
The actor who was honoured by Ex President John Agyekum Kuffour in his tenure averred that the initiative taken by his brothers and sisters to foster unity among themselves, is a move in the right direction.
“When we leave home and travel abroad, we need to unite as siblings regardless of ones ethnic background or political affiliation,” Agyakoo added.
According to the ace actor, this would enable them be in touch with other Ghanaians and interacting with them on the need to help one another in terms of ailment and finding solutions to their predicaments.
“When Ghanaians living in other countries interact with brothers and sisters in Israel, it would yield a positive result on them, he noted, saying that “Nigerians also do the same,’
He averred that numerous Ghanaians outside the country do not receive the necessary assistance from their fellows, because of lack of unity, adding that their staying there should be beneficial to their families in Ghana.
“Think about Ghana your motherland and think also about your people,” Alex Kofi Adu echoed to Ghanaians abroad.
The Kumasi-based actor advised Ghanaians living abroad to return home and do something better to enhance the development of their country after searching for enough greener pastures.
“If the whites did not have time to develop their country, will anybody go and search for white coloured jobs there?”
Ayakoo contended that he does not blame Ghanaians citizens who flee to abroad in quest of greener pastures, indicating that such people are given bad salaries in their own countries.
“All our intellectuals and competent workers render their services to foreign countries as a result of bad emolument given them in Ghana,” he told The Moment.
He noted that the whites were able to offer good salaries to workers and so, when they see that there is something good in a foreigner, they would pay good incentives for that service.
Alex Kofi Adu called on the government to revamp the economy and make jobs attractive to enable Ghanaian indigenes remain so as to retain the intellects.


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