Ace Actor cum Comedian Alexander Kofi Adu known on screens as Agya Koo has fire salvos on producers and directors who have planned evil against his persona.

According to him, sections of the producers have deliberately planned to malign his integrity by peddling lies about him.

Speaking in an interview with King Eben on Ashh fm in Kumasi, Agya koo stated that film producers in Kumasi who planned to malign his reputation have all run bankrupt.

“I’m saying this without any malice or disrespect to any producer but I can tell you for a fact that those producers who gag me out of screens are all broke, they cannot even come out with a single movie” he alleged.

He told King Eben that, the producers conspired to run him down but he can say it with much confidence that any producer who tries to fight against him shall not prosper.

“Some producers even decided to harbor my movies in their warehouse with the motive of blacklisting me from the industry” .



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