Well who don’t love Agya Koo everybody does. As much he’s loosing it now, he’s still great in movies, he manages to deliver and has caught the eyes of many English speaking actors and actresses. This is not the first time, someone like Van Vicker commended Agya Koo but Nadia Buari acted with him, Yvonne Nelson, said, he won’t mind acting with him and even former president “J.A. Kuffour” said in an interview all he does is watch Agya Koo, laugh out loud and sleep and it’s rare to see twi-speaking only actor like Agya Koo catch the eyes of many people like that. Indeed he is talented.

Ghanaian actor Van Vicker is happy about his decision to use popular local Twi actor Agya Koo in his upcoming movie titled ‘Investor’.

NEWS-ONE earlier broke the news that Van Vicker was on set with Agya Koo for the first time.

He is directing as well as acting. Rumours said both actors gave good deliveries, with Agya Koo giving Van a run for his money.

Van told NEWS-ONE that he wanted to support the cause to bridge the gap between Twi and English actor and movies. He added that he found Agya Koo an amazing actor.

“I decided to use Agya Koo because it’s a comedy movie and secondly I am trying to bridge the gap between local and English movies by uniting and making us one. Besides he’s a fantastic actor in his field.”

Van said there were a few Twi lines for him while Agya Koo also had a few English lines to add the wow factor to the movie.

Van is no doubt excelling in production business. He promised last year that he was going to shoot a number of movies in Ghana to debunk claims that he had abandoned Ghana’s movie industry for Nigeria

Not long after that promise, he wrapped up the shoot of his movie with the working title ‘Distance’ which featured Kofi Ajorlolo and Nadia Buari.

Van Vicker has taken his career to the next level with his Sky Orange Production. He is the only Ghanaian English actor who is making movie production a big deal.

Source : News1Ghana

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