As you read these lines, the popular Ghanaian actor cum musician is in cells at CID Headquarters, Accra.

Agya-KooAll manner of rumors are flying around him, but nobody wants to talk authoritatively on his case.? Getting access to him in the cells also is very difficult. His lawyer, Captain Effah Dartey is also refusing to talk, and when pressed very mush he was very economical with the facts.

In spite of all the obstacles, this writer can authoritatively report that Agya Koo also known as Kofi Adu, a Kumasi based actor cum musician is in a mess.

The immediate cause of his problem is that he travelled out of this country on Tuesday 8th January 2013. He went to Abu Dhabi together with some his few selected Ghanaian entertainment artistes like David Dontoh to go and entertain the Ghanaian Black Star Players in camp.

Prior to his departure, at the Airport, Agya Koo received a phone call from a person who identified himself only as ?CID man, Police Headquarters.?

Agya Koo explained to the caller who refused to mention his name that he was about to board the plane to Abu Dhabi and when he returns he will come over to the Headquarter.

Apparently this information from Agya Koo led the CID caller to rush to the Courts for a warrant for his arrest which was sent to the Airport, only to realize that indeed Agya Koo was gore.

Upon his return on Monday 14th January 2013, Agya Koo went to the CID Headquarters, on his own but no officer seemed to know anything about him, so he was advised to go and await any invitation.

On Thursday 17 January 2013 the police struck – a phone call was sent to him to report to Police CID at Room 11 5th floor and Agya Koo went on his own. Since then, Agya Koo has been the guest of the Inspector General of Police, under lock and key at CID cells.

The problem facing Agya Koo is that apparently he lied to help a number of people who wanted to travel to the USA as members of his music group. It appears he collected some non refundable miscellaneous expenses deposits from each of them, and succeeded in making ?work permits? for all of them.

Unfortunately as it turned out some of them deceived Agya Koo by not telling him that they have already attempted to go to the USA but had failed in visa applications, so when the US Embassy discovered that false declaration, all Agya Koo?s people were turned down flatly.

As it is normal in such situation, most of the applicants have turned their fury on Agya Koo that they want full refund of all monies paid to him, including the agreed non refundable miscellaneous expenses deposits.

It is likely that on Monday when Agya Koo is presented in Court the Judge will only discharge the warrant and ask the police to build the docket and decide whether to prosecute him on what charges if any.

His lawyer, Captain Effah Darty told me: ?Agya Koo?s case is much ado about nothing?.


Source: The Moment


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