544069222_512069Council for Kumawood? acclaimed Actor,? Captain retired? Nkrabea Effah Dartey ?in a radio interview? on pink Fm?s Entertainment News disclosed that his client Adu Kofi Known in Showbiz circles? as Agya koo can Travel outside the Country since all? Fraud charges leveled against him has been Dropped by the Court.


?My Junior Lawyer Naomi told me that Agya koo has been cleared? free by the Court? and has paid all his debtors? Said Captain .

On the Issue? how much Agya paid and how many people he refunded their monies , his principal lawyer said he said he was not been briefed the full detail of the of the Proceedings but can Confirm that Agya koo is now a free man and can Travel to South Africa to watch the Quarter final game between Ghana and Cape Verde.

Source:Ralph Gyamfi/pinkfmghana/com


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