Marvel has released a deleted scene from ?Avengers: Age of Ultron?, giving a look at Chris Hemsworth?s Thor possessed by the Norns. The Norse God is in the Norn Cave, accompanied by Dr. Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard).

After taking a swig from his flask, Thor enters the water and lets the spirit control him and give answers about how to defeat Ultron. Once Thor is possessed, Selvig asks questions about how to stop Ultron. The God of Thunder then reveals that they must sacrifice someone, that seems to be The Vision, who finally died at the end of the film.

Their conversation also provides ideas about the Infinity Stone, which serves as the core idea for Marvel?s phase three. ?The stone draws you all to its brilliance, and you to your end!? a possessed Thor tells Selvig.

Rumors said that the scene was deleted because it teased some implications for the greater Marvel universe. It was also said that the scene had bad visual effects and did not test well with audiences at advanced screenings.

? AceShowbiz.com


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