The baritone rapper shocked everyone after he released his first Reggae single titled “Mama” few hours ago.
It would probably not occur to anyone how good Agbeshie could be on a one drop riddim until he produced this one specially meant for his birthday, September 14.
“I know many people would think I should rather be the one getting all the surprise packages today but I decided to turn it around instead. Looking back at the years, the things I’ve been through, the ups and downs in my life, I was able stand firm till now all because of the strong support my mum had for me from day one I embarked on my music career. She always urged me on and she’s a very powerful source of inspiration for me so I decided to to this song to pay reverence to her for giving me life and looking after me till I can see beard in my face. I wouldn’t say it has been a smooth journey but all the same we have to give thanks. The song is not only limited to my mum; I’m dedicating it to all mothers in the world as well and putting a reminder to all of us to be appreciative of our mothers, not just on Mothers’ Day, but always. The same goes to Mama Africa, our motherland, in such serious moments of cholera and Ebola outbreak in Ghana/Africa, it is an awakening moment for us all to turn to Mama Africa and make things work,” Agbeshie advocates.
When asked why he decided to go Reggae instead of the rap he is mostly identified with, he says “with such a message I needed a very soulful flow to go with and I felt running it on a Reggae beat would beat carry the feeling and impact so I went that way.”
Agbeshie is one of the upcoming and hardworking rappers who hails from the Volta Region of Ghana. Earlier released 3 singles “Get Down On It”, “My Game” and the smashing single “Beyonc?” which is he best known for. He has collaborated with notable acts like Edem, Episode, Luther among others.?

Source – GhJoy.Com


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