Asamoah Gyan

Deputy Interior Minister James Agalga has described as ?very insensitive and irresponsible,” a question posed to Black Stars? skipper Asamoah Gyan, by a Journalist, about whether he sacrificed the life of fellow celebrity and friend, Castro, in Ada, for spiritual purposes.wpid-asamoahgyanandcastro.jpg

The hiplife artiste and female companion, Janet Bandu, have been missing since early June this year, after a jet-ski accident that occurred while they surfed the waves in the coastal town.

Rumours quickly festered that Asamoah Gyan, who was holidaying with Castro and Bandu, just before the accident, may have sacrificed his friend for spiritual fortification.

Daily Graphic?s Ashanti Regional Editor, Daniel Kenu, at a press conference in Kumasi offered Gyan an opportunity to clear himself of the allegation, but the Stars? skipper flipped and almost attacked Kenu.

Two days later, Gyan?s brother, Baffour, led a gang of muscled men to pummel Kenu for asking what they said was a provocative and needless question.

The Police took up the matter, arrested Baffour Gyan and arraigned him before court for assault. The case is yet to be determined.

Speaking on Joy FM?s weekend news analysis programme, Newsfile, James Agalga condemned the assault on the journalist, but also accused Kenu of gross insensitivity in asking such a question.



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