those who lost loved ones...

those who lost loved ones?

We are not surprised at the views expressed by the International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety) because it is an extended voice of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA).

In that light we are not surprised that Intersociety,without confessing physical presence in Uke is claiming that  Governor Peter Obi arrived the adoration grounds at 10,30 pm,on November 1, 2013 and left at  3.30 am on Saturday November 2, 2013,given  that the governor had aerlier claimed to have arrived at 10.00pm and left 3.0am respectively.

Intersocity has not added any new piece of information or proof.

Indeed, we are surprised that Intersociety did not  delve into the issue of  Rev Fr. Emmanuel Obinma sending a written invitation for Gov Obi to attend the vigil and adding a second voice to that aspect of Obi?s tale which has unraveled.

Our understanding of the role of Interscirty  as the name and registration particulars suggest is that it is a human rights organisation concerned with civil liberties and human rights.

It is therefore an unmitigated disaster that  Intersociety did not come into this issue canvassing the rights to protection of their lives and the need to uravle the information gaps in the incoherent  and discordant story of the Uke Massacre.

It is also surprising that Intersocity did not canvass for a human right collage , that may include the Human Rights Commission to come into the matter like many responsible organization have canvassed.

Rather this suspicious  so-called human rights organisation which once deliberately told four contradictory stories on the Ezu River Incident, were over 50 lifeless bodies of murdered Anambra citizens were seen floating and ordered to be buried before autopsy by the Peter Obi Government, has inadvertently moved a motion for the amendment of the Nigerian constitution as it affects Freedom of Movement.

For the avoidance of doubt, the problem is not that Gov Peter Obi visited the Adoration Ground, the problem is that he went there unannounced, in APGA uniform and in the full complement of the APGA gubernatorial campaign of his stooge Mr Willie Obiano and tried to force his way by his own admission on a hostile group of worshippers who wished to be left alone to worship God.

The other problem is that Obi did not have full control of his convoy on that occasion, or is economic with the truth, because nearly every Anambra State man or woman ,outside the dressings in the media is conversant with the fact of what Obis security apparatus and those of who accompanied him did to withstand the resistance outside the shade of the Adoration Grounds, which when detailed will leave no further questions on the cause of the stampede.

We will therefore repeat our earlier position that an urgent and independent autopsy should be conducted on all the bodies deposited in the three identified hospitals to ascertain the cause of the deaths.

We also request Governor Peter Obi to show the tape which he said exists on Uke Massacre to the public.

We state here that the story of a woman frying Akara or any other tale with that plot should be jettisoned as a fiction crafted by those who would wish the truth of this event to be covered up, so that Nigeria will be denied of wisdom arising from the experience.

Taking cognisance that this sad event has happened in a church, we remind all of that short but powerful saying in the Holy Bible that ? You shall know the truth , and the truth shall set you free?.

Intersociety should stop obstructing the facts, or investigation, in pursuit of parochial political interests and allow a full-scale investigation on the matter.

We therefore urge the general public to discountenance every story they may here now ,and in future on this matter from Intersociety because if the one-man band of  group had any reputation in time-past, it has lost it by now, having abandoned the pursuit of civil liberties for filthy political lucre.

We restate our condemnation of the celebration of a birthday ceremony in Igbariam by Gov Obi and the campaign visit to Isu Anaocha yesterday; at a time he declared three days of mourning.

The insincerity suggested by these deliberate actions, which also compares to the purported ban on market campaigns which he violated by attending the markets and forcing people to his party rally, helps to make his tales unbelievable and his government, which department include  Intersociety difficult to trust.

Once again we call on Gov Peter Obi to release the tapes he said he has regarding the incident at Uke, which could have been avoided if the governor did not make an impromptu visit to the prayer grounds I APGA uniform accompanied by limping candidate of APGA Mr Willie Obiano,who surprisingly denied publicly that he attended the occasion with Obi.

For All progressive congress (APC)

Anambra State Chapter

Okelo Madukaife

       Interim State Publicity Secretary


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