Executive Director of International Trade Center Ms Arancha Gonzalèz
Executive Director of International Trade Center Ms Arancha Gonzalèz

ICT is very essential in our modern economy as the world keeps getting smaller and connections among nations and markets widen, we cannot rule out the importance of ICT especially when women are involved, those are the words of Executive Director of the International Trade Center Ms Arancha Gonzalèz.

Executive Director of International Trade Center Ms Arancha Gonzalèz
Executive Director of International Trade Center Ms Arancha Gonzalèz 

Information Communication Technology has in many ways helped in the development of most if not all aspects of human advancement right from medicine, to invention of cutting edge technologies down to the day to day interactions between people across borders.

In this vain, ICT plays a critical role in the advancement of global economy and for that matter the economy of Ghana which is a developing country enjoying the middle income state status.

In Ghana most small the Medium scale Enterprises owned and managed by women thereby making women in Ghana important contributors in the country’s economic standing. The irony rather is that as many women own SME’s, many of them lack the needed resources to sustain their business making them fold up within the shortest possible time.

An interaction with NewsGhana.com.gh and the Executive Director of the International Trade Center revealed that women who have ICT knowledge contribute better to the national growth, in that as many of these women get the knowledge they tend to input it into their businesses which in return give greater returns on investment.

“ICT is a phenomenon tool for SME’s to remain competitive, so automatizing the production services, automatizing your accounting services and company systems, making sure that you don’t have everything on paper makes it more effective and efficient SME” Ms Gonzalèz stressed.

According to her the ability of women to transform their creative works into products and services worthy of patronage by a wider market which is through E-commerce is the right way to go and must be supported fully by governments and institutions.

The International Trade Center which is an institution under the United Nations and also belonging to the World Trade Organization has over the years given technical support to SME’s and also help state institutions to factor in business as an engine for economic growth.

ITC’s relations with many African countries including Ghana has yielded many benefits as many young entrepreneurs have been connected to the international market through ITC, given many women entrepreneurs the needed support to grow their business and also provide technical support to other institutions.

“We at ITC are passionate about the empowerment of women in business and we are not just passionate about women in business because it is a right or something, we are passionate because there is a big economic statement to be made for women’s’ economic empowerment especially when more than half of the world’s population are women”

Ms Gonzalèz stressed that women can function better and contribute to the world’s economy thus Africa’s economy if they are ICT inclined and are able to trade across borders using ICT as the tool for the acceleration and transformation of their creativity into finished products and services.

Successive governments in Ghana have tried to level the playing field for women especially in governance and business, but often this effort suffers challenges and the trend keeps occurring.

The Mahama led administration has tried to defeat this by appointing women ministers and CEO’s of state institutions as well as allocating a 30 percent representation in the house of parliament but still the number of women in parliament still remains woefully below 30 percent.

Whiles many women rights groups and activist are calling for more involvement of women in the day to day running of the country, Ms. Gonzalèz believes empowering women and giving them the required skill plus respecting their rights is the beginning of Africa’s low economic turn out.

In a speech delivered at the 2015 power shift conference of the Oxford Forum for women in the world economy, Ms Gonzalèz stated that;

“The world’s economy will remain below potential as long as women do not have the rights, the skills and the market opportunities they need to make the most of their talents”

This in effect goes to show that Ghana as a middle income state, which has most of its women owning SME’s can grow its economy better only if its women entrepreneurs are given the needed attention, support, leveled playing filed and most of all empowered with ICT.

Source- Newsghana.com.gh


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