According to NewsOne: Ghanaian rapper and Afro pop icon, E.L., says he is the best rapper not just in Ghana, but on the African continent.
According to E.L., he remains the best rapper despite the pronouncement of the continent?s major media platforms like Trace and Channel O.

The foremost artiste of BBnZ, who is currently a flourishing music sensation, released the new single titled, ?Boorle? on Sunday dawn while the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) was ongoing.

The content of the song and the timing of its release make it seem as though the rapper wanted to send a message across that he is the best even if he did not get any award at the VGMA.

E.L. explained his point to News One:?Why, you don?t believe that I am the best rapper? There are rappers in Ghana and Africa who do very good work. Either they are very good lyricist or they have a certain style; either they rap this way or that way.

?But I consider myself to be the embodiment of the whole thing; a total package. It is not like I am trying to blow my horn or anything but if you asked somebody who was well informed about each rapper or every significant contributor to the genre in Africa and you ask them to mark a chart, you will find that I am the only one who does it all in total package.

Whether it is rapping, commercial, Azonto music or doing Akaida music, singing or producing or doing whatever, I have done it all. That is how why I classify myself as the best African rapper.? The new song is the second single of E.L.?s upcoming Best Rapper Mixtape.
??Boorle? means you already know what I am about to say or talk about. It is just to solidify the claim that I am the best African rapper,? the tall rapper explained.

E.L. dropped his ?Ayaya? single from his upcoming second album last year. ?The album is going to come maybe at the end of this year. But I decided to drop the first single of it. I am now focusing on the hip hop aspect. So we are taking about two strong approaches to the release.?

A couple of weeks ago, MTViggy.com, one of the major MTV platforms, described E.L. as an influential voice in Afro pop music arena, saying ?no one pushes Afro Pop like E.L.?


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