? The? Director of the Prince Emmanuel Sanitarium? and Clinic at Tafo in? Kumasi, Dr. Benjamin DwumaahNuakoh has observed? that??? though the continent of Africa is endowed with a? lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and? good food stuffs, inadequate education? on dietary habit has? culminated? the ever increasing? diseases? among? her peoples.

He? believed that it was very important to intensify? education on? proper dietary habit to? help? prevent diseases? on the continent adding? that? wrongful copying of the? affluent style of living of the ?developed world by? Africans? is very dangerous for their health.

Dr. Nuakoh who? disclosed this? to the media upon? his arrival form Inter Sectoral? Conference? in? South Africa, explained, it? was? found through? a research that? the improper? functioning of the frontal load? of human beings is attributable to bad dietary system.

The frontal load according to medical experts, he said?enhances effective communication and reasoning in the mind?leading to?one?s temperament.

He ?said most persons who in recent times committed suicide? as well as ??engaged in? spousal killing lacked? right amount of? glucose ,oxygen? and food nutrients ?that ?make their? frontal loads work into perfection.

He told the media that too much consumption of refined foods causes malfunctioning of?the mind because those persons?do not all the times reflect on?issues before reacting.

Dr. Nuakoh recommended the consumption of foods that contain fiber especially cereal to enhance sufficient in take of vitamin B1and B12 to?strengthen the electrical impulse of the mind.

He?said, during the conference?it came to light that?chronic diseases like?kidney malfunctioning, heart related cases, hepatitis?among other?were linked to?excessive meat consumption and too much alcoholism.

Touching on the HIV /AIDS, which he said?also came?up for discussion at the summit, he?believed?that?continuous sensitization of the public on the pandemic would rather help to make?positive impact in combating?it.

He stated that creating awareness about the ailment is the best way to stem its infection rate instead of looking it from a distance, ?periodical?education on the disease?is the best way to reduce?its spreading rate,? he believed.

Dr. Nuakoh assured that all the lessons learnt at?the conference would be incorporated?into?his clinical practices to give off?best services to his clients.


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