Benin’s Minister for Coordination of Policies and Implementation of the Millenium Development Goals Fulbert Gero Amoussouga on Tuesday urged African leaders and development partners to provide more funds for collection of statistical data.

African leaders
African leaders

Speaking in Cotonou during the opening of a forum on development planing in Africa, Amoussouga lamented that African governments and the continent’s development partners were not allocating sufficient resources for collection of adequate statistical information.

“Only 2 percent of development aid is directed towards improving the quality of statistics. This amount is too small to guarantee proper evaluation of the impact of the remaining 98 percent of the aid,” he said, adding that “dependence on development partners for resources to fund collection of statistical data was not sustainable.”

The Economics professor at a Beninese public university observed that “collection of data will offer us better opportunities for planing, programming, budgeting and evaluating development strategies that will impact our population by the year 2030 with prosperity, equality, inclusive growth and inter- generational equity.” Enditem


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