Kwesi Pratt
Kwesi Pratt

Journalist and socialism advocate, Kwesi Pratt has bemoaned what he calls the falling standard of governance in African.

Addressing a ceremony to mark the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the

Freedom Center in Accra, Mr. Pratt accused current African leaders of doing little to materialize the quest for equality, unity and freedom fought by early leaders on the continent.

The anniversary was on the theme “Philosophy of Nkrumaism and what Nkrumah stood for in his 9-year reign”.

He therefore called for a transformational change, saying it is the only way to bring back on track, the continent’s growth.

The Freedom Centre was established in 2007 to lead the discourse against anti-democratic tendencies.

So far, it has published four books on Ghana’s first president, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and his legacies.

Kwesi Pratt announced the Center will soon open branches all over Africa with the view to entreat all to actively push Nkrumah’s ideology forward to help cut down on the over dependence on donor support and build believe in the African.


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