Climate change
Climate change

The Network idea which was born in Marrakech at the end of the Conference is to enable members to broaden their knowledge on Climate change issues and to serve as watchdogs to various pledges made at the conference by the various government so that members will be able to do post COP22 reports on the processes leading to the implementation of the Paris Agreement by 2020 and after.

Out of sixteen Journalists six were nominated for various executive positions.

Mr Gbenoukpo Joseph Vodounon from Benin is the President, Josephine Naaeke, Ghana, Vice President, Secretary General position went to Toure Aboubacar Kaba from Guinee Conakry, the Vice Secretary General post went to Jose Augusto Mendoca of Guinee Bissau.

Treasurer and vice treasurer positions were taken by Constance Mafuta, Congo Kinshasa and Hadje Bintu Mahamat Kasser of Chad.

The rest of the Journalist are from Senegal, Ivory Coast, Conga Brazaville, Niger, Mauritania, Central Africa, Togo, Burkina Faso, Liberia and Gabon.

Membership is open to fellow Journalists.

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