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Jerome Efong Nzolo
Jerome Efong Nzolo

Turkey or Balotelli in Italy), this is a distinction that should be interesting. With Gabonese origin, Jerome Efong Nzolo was elected Tuesday ‘best referee’ of the Jupiler Pro League, first division in Belgium.

Nzolo tallied 381 points against 368 for Sébastien Delferiere and 260 in favor of Johan Verbist. 288 players in the Jupiler Pro League (sixteen clubs D1) participated in the vote.

This is the 4th time he received the award in Belgium. Here is his response to our colleagues of RTBF.

‘There have been other trophies before but it is always great pleasure. Especially when we know that it is the players – those most concerned – who vote. What is my secret? It is always difficult to talk about oneself. It is better to ask those who voted. I think you should especially be yourself and work. My smile? It is possible, but it is not enough to smile to get that kind of prize. ‘

‘No referee, there is no football. When a game is started and no referee is there, everyone wonders where they are. This is where we realize the importance of the arbitration team. Please, you have to have another look vis-à-vis the referee team. ‘

Jerome Efong Nzolo was born in Gabon and arrived in Belgium in 1995. He directed his first championship match in 2006. He is the first black referee in Belgium.

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