The Mozambique’s Investment Promotion Center (CPI) announced on Friday that the country could approve investment projects worth 10 billion U.S. dollars in 2015.


According to the deputy general director of the institute, Godinho Alves, the volume of business to be approved this year will be much larger compared to that of last year’s 9 million U.S. dollars, the Maputo daily Noticias reported.
“Predictions for 2015 are quite positive, as a matter of fact, that has been the tendency since 2010, the institution approved projects worth 7.4 million U.S. dollars last year, added to the projects approved by the Ministry of Mineral Resources that makes 9 million U.S. dollars”, said Alves.
In this process, Alves called for attention to a new phenomenon in the investments made in Mozambique, with tendencies to more African businessmen attracted by the opportunities in the country.
“Africa is regarding Mozambique as a potential market to apply their investments. Last year, we had Swaziland, this year we have Kenya, each year we have an African country entering the national territory for business”, Alves said.
Most of the projects approved are for the management and development of ports, construction of new railway, energy, mining, natural gas sectors among others.
Despite African countries increasing investments in Mozambique, the United Arabic Emirates topped the list of major investors in 2014.
“The second major investor in 2014 was Mauritius, followed by South Africa, Portugal and China respectively. These are the countries that normally integrate the top 10 list of major investors in Mozambique. But the number one investor varies from year to year, because Mozambique is an attractive country to a number of interested countries” said Alves.
Between 2007-2012, India leads the list of the five countries that have large investment in Mozambique, followed by Italy, Portugal, South Africa and Brazil. Enditem




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