?African In New York? chronicles the colorful immigrant life in NYC from an African perspective. From the Bootleggers on Canal street to the Dollar cab drivers to the Restaurants Uptown, everybody gets a shout out over this banging Blitz production complete with live guitars and signature horns.
Taken from ?The Warm Up EP? dropping August 2013.

FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: africaninnewyork.bandcamp.com/

Produced by Blitz the Ambassador.
Bass: Alexis Hountondji
Guitar: Raja Kassis
Trumpet: Jonathan Powell
Sax: Ezra Brown

Trombone: Ron Prokopez
Percussion: Shaun Kelly
Additional Vocals: Amma Whatt

Recorded/Mixed by Jim Bertini at Galaxy Smith Studios, Brooklyn NY.
Additional Engineering: Chris ?Optiks? Jones + Cedric Moreau




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