African govt’s advised to include investors in airport construction

Lotter made the call here at the Fourth Annual Africa Airport Expansion Summit which opened in the Ghanaian capital.

Proposed Terminal 3 at KIA
Proposed Terminal 3 at KIA

Speaking on “Airport Design as Key Driver for Sustainable and Profitable Airport Operation”, Lotter said the involvement of relevant stakeholders would lead to the execution of cost-efficient and world-class airports on the continent.

He called for professionalism in the design and construction of airports, saying: “Design should always follow the concept and not the other way round. If it is the other way round, there will be profitability problem and litigation issues.”

Over the past few years, business activities at African airports have grown from 45 percent to an overwhelming 80 percent.

Passenger and cargo traffic volumes are growing at a never seen rate and, to accommodate this increase, many airports are upgrading and there are plans for at least 40 new airports across Africa.

Opportunities for airport contractors, suppliers of airport equipment, management services and other products and services are unprecedented.

It is expected that the two-day summit will trigger discussions among government officials, investors, civil aviation authorities, airport management groups and consultants, among others, to better explore the market and support project development. Enditem.

Source: Xinhua

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