Mrs. Rebecca Akuffo Addo delivering a speech
Mrs. Rebecca Akuffo Addo delivering aMrs. Rebecca Akuffo Addo delivering a speech speech

The Chairperson of Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation (IMPF), Mrs. Rebecca Akuffo Addo is calling for support to build more clinics to improve the health of people living in poor and remote areas.
IMPF is a non-profit non-governmental organization which seeks to combat malaria through collaboration with leaders in malaria research and through educational and social projects.

Mrs. Rebecca Akuffo Addo delivering a speech
Mrs. Rebecca Akuffo Addo delivering aMrs. Rebecca Akuffo Addo delivering a speech speech

The NGO built a Community Health Planning Systems (CHPS) Clinic in the Brong Ahafo region two years ago. After a year of operation the infant mortality rate decreased considerably from 50 per 1000 to 17 per 1000.
They hope to repeat the success story by building a clinic estimated at $50,000 at Adenkrebi close to Aburi next year.
At a fundraising ceremony at her residence in aid of the project, Mrs. Akufffo Addo in a speech underscored the need to eradicate malaria stating its devastating effects in our society.She disclosed that,?childrenin Africa are ten times more likely to die before five years old than children from developed countries. Most of these deaths will befrom malaria?.

Mrs. Akufffo Addo noted the fact that ?lack of proximity and availability to access healthcare in remote areas? contributes largely to malaria related deaths hence the need for comprehensive health care systems that will address these problems.

The wife of Nana Akuffo Addo,flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party says one of the most effective solutions to improving the quality of healthcare is the Community Health Planning Systems (CHPS) Clinics concept.
Under this system, medical staff is resident in the clinics and serve a catchment area between 1000 to 5000 people.
The medical staff is equipped to go into communities and treat people who are too sick to visit the clinic. The clinic also takes records of everyone in the community and monitored on a regular basis. Malaria awareness, education and treatment are improved under the system.

Elaborating on the activities of the NGO, the Administrative Director,Mrs. Lois Okudzeto noted that the vision of the organisation is to build as many CHPS Clinics all over the country.

Mrs. Okudzeto was optimistic of achieving the main goal of having a malaria free country. Acknowledging the need for awareness creation, education and effective ways to treat malaria, she advised the public to be health conscious so as to have a very healthy Ghanaian work force.

The programme was well patronized with several high profile ladies in attendance. A fashion segment was held and several items were also auctioned to raise money for the project.

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Story by: David Apinga / XFMNewscenter


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